Essentials for leaving your cat home alone for 2-3 days

  1. Changes in routine can be stressful for cats

    • Leaving your cat for the weekend often means less attention for your cat, different mealtimes and possibly different people visiting them
  2. Use FELIWAY Diffuser

    • Releases happy messages to help your cat feel safe and secure in your absence
    • Plug the diffuser in the room where your cat will spend most of their time, ideally 1-2 days before you plan to leave
    • Covers an area up to 70m²
  3. Ensure your cat can access all their resources

    • Ensure your cat has access to food and water while you are away
    • Make sure your cat has access to their litter trays. There should be enough space to allow your cat to find clean space to toilet during the whole weekend
    • Your cat will appreciate being able to access their favourite elevated spots
    • Consider activities your cat may enjoy while you are away, such as an activity feeder
  4. Be aware of doors

    • When leaving, check that your cat hasn't been accidently shut in somewhere, and that they have access to their favourite room, where FELIWAY Diffuser is plugged in

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Other tips

Cats are creatures of habit and any change can affect their well-being. To help you understand your cat's mindset, we have written from a  cat's point of view: Cats don't like change! There are a number of options to consider when you are going away. You could use a cat sitter, take your cat to a cattery, take your cat with you or if for a short time, leave them alone at home. But how can you ensure your cat remains happy whichever option you choose?

Considering a cat sitter or a cattery ?

The choice should be made considering your cat's personality and their preferences. There are pros and cons to having a cat sitter or boarding your cat. Home care is often easier as it allows your cat to stay in their familiar environment and maintain a similar routine to normal. If you're looking for a cattery, follow our 7 top tips for a puurfect cattery stay for your cat.

Travelling with your cat

We recommend using FELIWAY Spray to help your cat relax whilst travelling. Simply spray the inside of your cat carrier on the top, bottom and each corner at least 15 minutes before travelling and before introducing the cat, this will provide a calming, happier environment that will reassure your cat whilst travelling. To help you understand the best way to travel with your cat, read our top tips on how to travel safely with a cat. FELIWAY Diffuser is the ideal solution for stressful situations. The pheromones in FELIWAY provide comforting messages of safety and security while your furry friends settles and can start to leave their own messages of happiness.