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A Kitty's Point of View: Help, I Don't Like Visitors!

A Kitty's Point of View: Help, I Don't Like Visitors!

I Don’t Like Visitors!

Meow!! I really like my house; I’m getting things the way I like them (with a little help from my human parents) and we’re all getting on very well! I haven’t been here very long, but they already know the best time to feed me, when I like to have my own space, and when I’m ready for some fun!

Playtime is my favourite time and I’ve taught my human friends that my favourite times to play are in the mornings and evenings; the rest of the day I spend exploring, eating and snoozing while they go out. I’m not alone for long, my humans are only leaving me for short periods of time - just till I get a little older and won’t mind being left for longer.

I like my routine and don’t like things being changed around the house. I know the comfiest cushion to lie on and where I’m allowed to scratch! But sometimes I get a little stressed and nervous, especially when new people, that I don’t know very well, visit my house to see my human parents and to ‘visit the new kitten’ (that’s me!).

They seem very nice humans, but if I’m not quick enough, some guests do try to pick me up and I sometimes feel quite squashed when they are holding me. I don’t like that! But usually, if I wriggle enough, I can escape out the door to my favourite hiding place (under the bed).

cat hidden under sofa

This is How I Like Things!

I suppose it’s only natural that visitors want to pick me up and pet me. I am only 9 weeks old and very cute after all! However I really do get nervous around people I’m not used to, and I’m still learning lots and lots of new things every day.

There are lots of new smells to learn when guests arrive, and sometimes I can pick up the scent of another cat from a visiting human. I don’t want the smell of another cat in my house, it makes me nervous! This is my space!

Here are some things that humans ought to learn about me:

  • I don’t like noise. Any loud banging or unexpected noises and I’ll scoot off to my hiding place or head for a high shelf. That way I’ll feel safe.
  • I like everything nice and calm. When new humans visit I prefer it if they are nice and quiet and gentle. Sometimes we get a loud visitor and that unsettles me!
  • I prefer to go up to guests on my terms. Usually if they seem nice, I’ll have a little sniff of their leg. They can give me a stroke if they want to but not for too long; my favourite is when I’m stroked around the base of my ears, or my cheeks and under my chin - but I’m not a puppy, I don't like my tummy stroked! I might have to give a little nip with my teeth if someone tries!
  • If I feel comfortable, I’ll rub myself along their leg. The humans don’t know what I’m doing - they think I’m just being friendly! If only they knew I was marking them with my scent! This makes me feel more comfortable around them.
  • I like my own safe spaces. That way I can hide until I’m ready to socialise, particularly if there are new humans in the house. I’ll come out when I’m ready.
  • I don’t like being stared at! I find it quite intimidating, so if someone stares at me, even if they’re doing that ‘Here kitty, kitty’ thing, I’ll make a run for it. But I’m OK if they just ignore me - I may even go and have a sniff at their legs, just to be friendly!

Sometimes, if there are lots of visitors here for a party, things can get very noisy, especially if they play music. If this happens my human parents always make sure that I’m safe away from all the people - and give me a huge comfy bed upstairs to lie on! I like to curl up and just sleep through the noise! They normally make sure there are a few treats around as well - and my favourite toy!

cat and visitor

Sometimes Visitors Aren’t All Bad!

My human parents are quite thoughtful. They are spending a lot of time teaching me how to be sociable and learn to like other people. They play a lot with me and I have some fun toys - my favourite is chasing the mouse on a string. I’ll get it one day!

I also think they have given their visitors a few tips. I don’t mind a little fuss if guests are on the floor and want to play with me and my favourite toys - especially if that includes a few kitty treats! These humans are quite clever; first they’ll throw a treat a long way away, then the next one a little closer, and before I know it, I’m taking the treat out of their hand! Sneaky, but I don’t mind! After all, they are yummy!

I did notice a thing called a FELIWAY in our living room that my parents change every month.

I’ve felt so much more relaxed since it appeared, especially when we have visitors. I wonder if that’s what’s making me feel happier? 

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